A review of USU World 2012 in Esslingen

USU World 2012 took place on May 23-24 in the “Neckar Forum” in Esslingen (Stuttgart).

What participants in USU World 2012 had to say

"A great combination of high-quality, informative presentations and attractive added features and events. I’d really like to attend again."

"Thank you so much for making USU World such a pleasant and informative event! Once again, your whole team worked extra hard to provide such a nice atmosphere for us. They showed great dedication in meeting needs of the participants. I hope to see you again in 2013!"

"It wasn’t just the presentations but also the other aspects of the program as well as the historic location that made USU World 2012 such a well-balanced success."

"A very successful, well-organized event!"

"The presentations were all very interesting. The advance workshop and the event itself were both very well done. In particular, I’d like to emphasize the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, which was apparent everywhere."

"It made a very good impression on me! Keep it up!"

Impressions of USU World 2012