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6. - 7. June 2018, World Conference Center Bonn

FLOWSTER Solutions GmbH

FLOWSTER Solutions is an expert for intelligent and holistic IT automation of processes in IT infrastructures, IT services, applications and cloud environments. The cross-manufacturer software products and solutions support companies in digitizing, optimizing and consolidating technical infrastructure processes. With end-to-end ITSM automation for complex enterprise environments, as well as highly integrated and sustainable complete solutions in all IT areas, FLOWSTER provides decisive competitive advantages. In addition, comprehensive consulting services open up new innovation potentials. With the Automation Guide, FLOWSTER helps IT departments to analyze IT processes, identify potential automation use cases and determine the economic value of an automation project. In addition, FLOWSTER independently realizes implementation projects for customers and accompanies them in implementing their digitization strategy. FLOWSTER is Intelligent Next Generation IT Automation - Made in Germany.